Compile error MPLAB XC8 (#define OS_WAIT_MULTIPLE_EVENTS)

Compile error MPLAB XC8 (#define OS_WAIT_MULTIPLE_EVENTS)

Postby hoxycocoos » Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:02 am


I'm using free MPLAB X IDE v2.35 with cocoOS_4.0.0 and getting below error, it has something to do with "args..."

include\os_event.h:64: error: (112) #define syntax error
include\os_applAPI.h:324: error: (112) #define syntax error

The file openned is as per below
in os_event.h

#define OS_WAIT_MULTIPLE_EVENTS( waitAll, args...) do {

in os_applAPI.h

#define event_wait_multiple(waitAll, args...) OS_WAIT_MULTIPLE_EVENTS( waitAll, args)

I can get it to compile if I were to do

#define OS_WAIT_MULTIPLE_EVENTS( waitAll) do {
#define event_wait_multiple(waitAll) OS_WAIT_MULTIPLE_EVENTS( waitAll, args)

Below are the snapshot of my project file:
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Re: Compile error MPLAB XC8 (#define OS_WAIT_MULTIPLE_EVENTS

Postby wooda » Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:29 am

Dear friend:
I also blocked by this error.
I am a newbie of cocoos, I see this error when i was working on the porting on pic16, the IDE i am using is MLPABX ,xc8
I changed the "arg..." to "arg", and compile success, but i don't know if it will cause other bugs.

I don't know why there are "arg...", I don't think it can pass in usual c compiler.
pre-thanks for anything following.

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